a e s p a n e l --------------------------

Screenshot: aespanel with aewm++
Download: aespanel-0.7.tar.bz2
Runs in: Linux i386 (and more?)
Email: evan at nixsys dot bz

aespanel - a panel for aewm++


About the Project


I really like the aewm style, but fspanel, the basic panel provided for aewm++, doesn't really fit with the window manager. I rewrote bits and pieces of Frank Hale's slightly modified fspanel until I had something that (I think) better matches the aewm++ design and function.

Thanks, of course, to Peter Zelezny for making fspanel, and to Frank Hale for aewm++, which itself is a C++ rewrite of Decklin Foster's aewm, and to all of them for making their stuff freely available.



Nothing out of the ordinary, I guess:

  $ make
  # make install

  $ aespanel [OPTIONS]


-display DISPLAY
Specifies which display to use.
Use specified font for titles/clock.
-fg COLOR, -bg COLOR, -bd COLOR, -fc COLOR
Use COLOR for the foreground (font), background (of active window's button), border, and faded (inactive) background colors, respectively. (Note that the -fc option is available in aewm++, but doesn't seem to be documented there.)



In keeping with the aewm++ method of separate mouse buttons having separate behaviors in a shared space, the on-click function of aespanel varies by button used, not by location of the click. Clicking with the left mouse button selects a task. Clicking the right mouse button selects a virtual desktop. Either of these buttons can be held down and dragged left and right, allowing for faster and less careful mouse movements when choosing between tasks or desktops. This draggable selection method comes from the very clever WindowLab project. The center mouse button, clicked anywhere, hides the entire panel, since it renders over top of mplayer when I'm trying to watch movies in full-screen. The panel is retrieved by moving the cursor to the bottom edge of the screen.





aewm++ is so incredibly unpronounceable, and fspanel, moderately so. aespanel doesn't have to be. I say it: ace-panel.


31 Aug 2004
Evan Hall
evan at nixsyspaus dot org