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subtas creates SRT format subtitles out of various emulators' movie files. It currently supports single and multi-player movies from FCE-Ultra, Famtasia, SNES9x, Gens, and VisualBoyAdvance. To compile: $ g++ subtas.cpp -o subtas To run: $ ./subtas [options] filename Options: -o FILE Output filename. Default behaviour is to create a file with the name of the movie file with ".srt" appended to it. Also, "-o -" can be used to send output to stdout. -c N Number of controllers to check for input. If this flag is not passed, an attempt is made to automatically find the number of controllers, depending on the movie format in use. Some formats are better than others about indicating the number of controllers in use. FCM: There is no controller information in the header, so 1 controller is assumed, until data for additional controllers is found. FMV: Controller data is read from the header, if present. SMV: Controller data is read from the header, if present. GMV: Header may indicate 3-player mode, otherwise 1 controller is assumed until data for controller 2 is encountered. VBM: Controller data is read from the header, if present. -d N Number of delay frames to insert before subtitles start. This is to adjust for the TAS intro -f R Frames per second as a floating point number with up to three decimal places. Note that this is the frames per second of the input data, not simply the frames per second of the video file the subtitles will be watched with. Contact: Evan Hall ehall - TODO: - Allow 6-button controller data with GMV. Shouldn't be hard, but it doesn't seem too important either. - M64 support? - Adjust verbosity Changelog: 0.1 - 2006/01/01 - First release